Rutgers University – Albert Di Rienzo at Master of Business and Science Degree Program

July 14th, 2022

The President, Co-Founder and CEO of One Health Group (OHG) was delighted to be asked to participate in a 3 hour zoom group and individual breakout session with the Rutgers Master of Business Science (MBS) Program IP Strategy in Industry Event Panel.

As a 3 hour event, this allowed plenty of time for Al to contribute as part of a 6 person panel. Here, Al used examples from OHG’s highly innovative work in the medical device space, and also leveraged examples specifically in animal health from the Voyce Product Line.

In his individual breakout session, Albert was delighted to use OHG’s Voyce Product Line as an example to discuss setting an IP strategy, covering such topics as copyrights, patents (focused mostly on design, method, and utility), trademarks, and trade secrets. He also talked about country filings, costs, timing, maintenance fees and annuities, what makes for a good trademark, what makes for a good patent, and so on.

The Rutgers MBS program combines the science curriculum from a traditional science master’s degree with a specialized set of business courses.

One Health Group is a medical technology innovator working to transform the currently weak frontline of medical diagnostics and therapeutics in both animal and human health. This is often attributable to a lack of readily available biometrics. To put an end to this once and for all, OHG developed a patented mobile health assessment platform that uses intelligent sensors and artificial intelligence to provide personalized, context-based health information – anywhere and at anytime. OHG does this by integrating human, animal and environmental data, which are intrinsically linked. OHG are the makers of Voyce which is a highly innovative medical diagnostics and therapeutics platform for exclusive use in Animal Health.

One Health Group hopes that the students and faculty of the Master of Business and Science Program at Rutgers University enjoyed spending some 3 hours of virtual time with our CEO Albert Di Rienzo. Albert was delighted to participate and hopes to work with the program again in the future. IP OneHealth MedTech Rutgers Science #Business


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