OHG President and Chief Veterinary Officer on Veterinary Business Podcast

Veterinary Medical Device Innovation

The latest podcast episode from the Veterinary Business Podcast is now available to hear! It features a chat with Albert Di Rienzo, the Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer of One Health Group with a regular co-host of the poscast, Dr. Amanda Landis-Hanna.

They discuss how innovation is transforming veterinary medicine and improving animal healthcare.

The topics discussed include:

  • Journey from federal government work to leading Voyce, Albert’s 5th startup venture.
  • Unveiling the ‘Voyce’ Platform .
    • Deep dive into Voyce’s comprehensive solution: sensor, cloud-based dashboard, and mobile app.
    • Practical applications across various animals and environments.
  • One Health in Action –  Exploring the concept of One Health and its connection between human and animal health.
  • Decoding ‘Voyce’.
    • Breakdown of the sensor’s data interpretation in layman’s terms.
    • Focus on its unique ability to read reflective signatures and precise motion capture.
  • The Future of Voyce: Expanding into Human Health.
  • Building for Success: Strategic Partnership.

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