Charlottesville Angel Network invests in One Health Group

After several weeks of extensive due diligence, the Charlottesville Angel Network (CAN), an accredited angel investor member network, announced a significant investment in One Health Group (OHG).

OHG has developed a breakthrough health diagnostics platform – called Voyce – to measure, analyze and present advanced biomarkers to animal healthcare providers and caretakers, delivering personalized, context-based, animal health information – anywhere, at any time. OHG is developing a range of products, based on the Voyce platform, to benefit multiple animal market verticals and use cases, encompassing a wide variety of species and breeds.

CAN has been named among the Most Active Angel Groups in U.S. in the Southeast Region. The 2021 HALO Report named CAN the 9th most active angel group in the U.S. by number of closed deals. Both the 2021 HALO Report and 2018 HALO Report named CAN the #1 most active group in the Southeast region by number of closed deals, and #2 in its 2017 and 2016 Reports, and #3 in its 2019 Report. The Angel Capital Association’s 2019 ACA Angel Funders Report, named CAN the 6th most active group in the U.S. for number of closed deals in 2018.

“Working with CAN was an amazingly efficient, professional and friendly process. Engagements were well thought out, thorough, timely and value adding. It was truly an enjoyable process, and a great learning experience,” stated Albert Di Rienzo, OHG’s President.

About Charlottesville Angel Network

CAN invests in seed, angel, and friends & family rounds in promising startups raising less than $5MM. They typically invest $100K – $300K in a round, and frequently partners with co-investors on Series A and B rounds. As with their members’ backgrounds, CAN’s investment and industry interests vary widely. Their investment portfolio includes SaaS, digital healthcare, biotech, consumer products, clean energy, Ed Tech, and more.

About One Health Group

OHG is a medical technology innovator with a mission to bring breakthrough health diagnostics, therapeutics, monitoring, screening, and advanced analytics to market. Driven by seeking solutions to preventing needless animal and human illnesses, often attributable by a lack of health data, OHG has developed a patented mobile health assessment technology that uses intelligent sensors and artificial intelligence to provide personalized, context-based real-time health information. OHG’s goal is to provide a unique health platform that integrates animal, human, and environmental data, which are intrinsically linked.

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