Technovate – SABAH Angel Club Invests in One Health Group

Technovate – SABAH Angel Club Invests in One Health Group

Investment Announcement

After a thorough and highly interactive due diligence, Angel investors from Azerbaijan-based Angel Investor Club, called Technovate SABAH Angel Club, made an investment in One Health Group.

Alya Abbaszada, Executive Director of Technovate – Sabah Angel Investors Club said, “During OHG’s first presentation, the innovative product and solution captivated our experienced Selection Committee and received enthusiastic approval from our club members. We are confident that OHG , with its cutting-edge focus on remote monitoring of animal health —a method poised to dominate the future of healthcare—will achieve continuous growth and success. We extend our best wishes to the OHG team and affirm our unwavering support as dedicated investors, committed to their journey ahead.”

Albert Di Rienzo, President of OHG also commented, “It was a pleasure interacting with the members of Technovate – SABAH Angel Club from the first interaction onward, resulting in a highly productive, informative and open set of conversations.  I’m grateful to have them as part of the OHG investor family.”

About One Health Group

One Health Group (OHG) is a medical technology innovator with a mission to bring breakthrough health diagnostics, therapeutics, monitoring, screening, and advanced analytics to market. Driven by seeking solutions to preventing needless animal and human illnesses, often attributable by a lack of health data, OHG has developed a patented mobile health assessment technology that uses intelligent sensors and artificial intelligence to provide personalized, context-based real-time health information. OHG’s goal is to provide a unique health platform that integrates animal, human, and environmental data, which are intrinsically linked.

About Technovate – SABAH Angel Club

Technovate-Sabah Angel Investors Club was established as Azerbaijan’s first Investor Club. Comprising a team of experienced business professionals, the club is dedicated to investing in both local and foreign startups. The club serves as a platform, granting investors exclusive access to promising startups while also regularly organizing webinars, training programs, demo days, and networking events. These activities foster a collaborative environment where club members can learn from one another and international investors. The mission of the club is to grow into a substantial angel investor club with hundreds of members, boasting a diverse portfolio and the necessary expertise to actively contribute to the global startup ecosystem.

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