CAV Angels Invests $500,000 in OHG

Today, One Health Group (OHG) is delighted in announce it is now a Cavalier Angels’ (CAV Angels) Portfolio Company – following their $500,000 investment. “It has been an absolute pleasure working with the leadership of the CAV Angels throughout their very comprehensive due diligence process, and I’m excited and grateful to have such a knowledgeable, active and engaging group along for the OHG journey, ” said Albert Di Rienzo, Co-founder and President of OHG.


About The CAV Angels

The CAV Angels are a non-profit network composed of University of Virginia (UVA) alumni, faculty, parents, students, and friends of the University whose mission is:

  1. To be recognized as one of the most esteemed and effective angel groups in the country.
  2. To catalyze UVA alumni’s engagement in burgeoning entrepreneurial ecosystems and mobilize the highest levels of investment in the most promising early-stage companies through tailored educational programming, hands-on student engagement, and curated access to robust and proprietary deal flow.

Click here is see their website.

About OHG
OHG is a medical technology innovator with a mission to bring breakthrough health diagnostics, therapeutics, monitoring, screening, and advanced analytics to market. Driven by seeking solutions to preventing needless animal and human illnesses, often attributable by a lack of health data, OHG has developed a patented mobile health assessment technology that uses intelligent sensors and artificial intelligence to provide personalized, context-based real-time health information. OHG’s goal is to provide a unique health platform that integrates animal, human, and environmental data, which are intrinsically linked.

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